Youth Ambassadors

Tunisia-AID believes in developing our future leaders.

Noor Nouaili: Noor was born and raised in California. She is currently a sophomore at Yale University. Noor has always been very committed and involved with her community. In addition to her involvement with Tunisia-AID, Noor was also a tutor with and a volunteer for UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. 

Ziad Sellami: Ziad was born and raised in California. He attends Carlmont Highschool in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ziad is passionate about community outreach through his work supporting Tunisia-AID’s website as well as being a lifeguard and a volunteer tutor for Healthy Cities Tutoring. 

Nesma Nouaili: Nesma was born and raised in California. She is a rising senior at Marlborough school in Los Angeles where she leads the community outreach program for her class. Nesma is a co-founder of; a non profit organization committed to bringing recreational sports to low income communities in the Los Angeles Area.