Our Advisors

Our advisors are a diverse group of individuals and organizations that support, challenge, and energize our work. Their ongoing support to Tunisia-AID has been very important in shaping and driving our approach to Integration, Empowerment and Development.

Mohamed Khan: Senior Board Advisor: Mohamed has been helping and supporting mutiple non profit organizations for years now, he is focused on peaceful resolutions, bringing humanitarian aid to people in need and supporting community development and empowerment.

Carole Sumner Krechman: Board Advisor : Carole is the founder and president of the Peacemaker Corps, its mission is to facilitate and support peace and tolerance education among the youth of the world. The Peacemaker Corps empowers generations to come together and make our world a peaceful, compassionate, safe and tolerant place to live. Carole was honored as Purpose Prize Fellow for Innovation, Extraordinary Contribution in Encore Career : http://www.peacemakercorps.org/indexin.html